About Us

We are Zora and Ada: two women who love Jesus, justice, and each other. Queering the Kindom is the unfurling story of how God brought us together and grows us together.

Why we started Queering the Kindom:

  • Friends often seek us out as a source of relationship wisdom that we’d love to share, especially with fellow LGBTQ Christians and our allies.
  • We perceived a lack of voices like ours online, and we wanted to fill that void.
  • We live to bear witness to the fruit that God brings forth in and through us and similar relationships.
  • Writing together will allow us to see our relationship through a different lens.

Thank you, dear reader, for joining us. We want to hear from you: send us topics you’d like us to write about, and feel welcome to share your stories with us.

We are committed to holding this blog as a sacred and safe space for LGBTQ Christians, and we reserve the right to moderate discussion accordingly.


In her work, “Kin-dom of God: A Mujerista Proposal,” Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz popularized the term kin-dom, which she learned from her friend Georgene Wilson O.S.F.

Kin-dom is a thoughtful response to the “kingdom” as a kind of world order that is wholly (and holy) different from our own. Isasi-Diaz understood that the fullness of life as God intends and promises cannot be attained through the oppression of others, and that a biblical paradise brings all into the fold of God’s family.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow! We send you love beautiful sisters. We are in Uganda, East Africa where being gay is treated as a crime. But we love God and chose to worship the Lord regardless of the discrimination we witness daily. Thank you for loving each other and sharing this wonderful and inspiring testimony.


  2. It is an honor to be present with you, Phionah. We pray that our loving Creator continues to sustain and strengthen you as you build a queerer kin-dom in Uganda.


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