Ada in Inheritance Magazine


Earlier this month, Ada got published in Inheritance Magazine, a publication with “Asian and Pacific Islander stories, experiences, and reflections that affirm API identity and contribute to a more inclusive and multi-faceted understanding of Christian faith.”

Her story stems from a piece originally posted here on Queering the Kindom steeped with more time and more of the Spirit. I am so proud of her – of her hard work and talent, yes, but especially of her hope. Read on to witness it for yourself. 

Witnessing and Seeing: A Mother-Daughter Story

An excerpt from Inheritance #61: Searching for Hope


Four years ago, I had worried that as the sole Christian in my family, my coming out to my mother would hurt what Christians call my “witness”: the theology I live to demonstrate to others who God is. How can you be a Christian, she asked me then, if you are gay?

I laughed because hers was a critical question that first drove me to despise organized religion as a child and that later tested my faith as an adult. But still, I mourned the straight-and-narrow path of easy answers and easy witness I left behind when I took the leap to live authentically as a queer Christian.

. . .

My mother and I never made things easy for one another. But she has come a long way in four years: from her silence and absence at my wedding, to gradual phone calls and a couple holidays. Last year, my wife and I spent Christmas at her home.

Our first morning there, my wife and I were headed out for a walk. My mother said she’d drive us to a nearby park. “Don’t walk here,” she said, “Not in my neighborhood.”

She said she had quit walking her own streets, too, to avoid unwanted questions about me, to avoid embarrassment, to live peacefully. To risk her own face — to dare to wear her shame in public, she said — would change no one’s mind about her queer daughter.

At one point, she ushered me out of the family’s earshot and into her coat closet. She spoke quietly…

Journey over to Inheritance #61: Searching for Hope for the full story.


Incredible illustrations by Maria Vitan